We're planning our next big surprise

With all your support we've decided it's finally time to move to the next step. 
We're progressing towards finalising our restaurant location and intend to come back with more yummy food.
We couldn't have made it this far without your continued support and encouragement. Whilst we will miss serving you our yummy meals, we're certain we'll be back with a bigger bang.
We're working with investors to make our dream a reality. If you'd like to know more, please email investor.relations@pinkfoodie.com
In the interim CREM Kitchen remains open for private dining, or you can find us around Romford whilst we experiment with a few goodies. (more news on this will posted in instagram stories @pinkfoodieuk ).

When will we be back?
We don't know the exact timelines yet, we suspect it will be June/July. We'll post updates on instagram as we get clarity.
What are we doing now?
We're working through the boring paperwork - as involved in with any large decision
Experimenting with new dishes and fancy flavours … !!!
Vegan options - yes we'll have a few more of these toooooo  … !!!
Preparing ourselves for dine-in! (yes - we fully expect this in our new location - though we'll probably phase it in due course)
There is still lots to do, and we'll keep you apprised on our instagram as we finalised more details. So please do follow us. @pinkfoodieuk 
Oh  one final thing -we're staying pretty close to where we were - so if we've served you before - we fully expect to continue to do so.