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Our Story

It all began one day in Chef Megha's kitchen....

We started Pink Foodie in Essex in October 2020, born out of my passion for challenging the status quo of takeaway food. We all love a good take-out, but are seriously lacking a choice of fresh and healthy food cooked fresh every day - to enjoy from the comfort of our home.


With COVID induced lockdowns and my passion for cooking, I decided to launch Pink Foodie - globally inspired meals to serve a global palette.

Little bit about me ....

I come from a family of excellent cooks.  I know this because of seeing people going crazy over our home-cooked food everywhere: school lunches that mom used to pack, the neighbours when they knew my dad was cooking his signature korma, relatives and friends leaving the plates spot clean after the parties we used to have at home. My dad always wanted to have his own restaurant. Why he couldn't, is a story that deserves its own separate page. Inspired by their dreams, watching my mom and dad cook amazing Indian food growing up, I have a good knowledge of Indian techniques and I am really good at mixing things up. Through professional training at Cordon Bleu Paris, travelling across Asia, Europe and Americas and work experience in professional kitchens across 2 continents, I have polished my skills and created something that pleases a modern palette.

I have varied experience in the industry and worked at top restaurants such as:

·       The Ledbury (London) - ranked world's 10th best restaurant in 2014

·       Gymkhana restaurant (London) - 1 Michelin Star

·       Jamie Oliver's Barbecoa (London)

·       Jaan @Swisshotel Stamford (Singapore) - 1 Michelin Star

·       Yum Bun food truck (London) - experience managing a single location

What ignites my passion as a chef is eating something new for the very first time. The joy that someone feels when they take a spoonful of something they've never tasted before. That's the feeling I love to have and that's the feeling I want to share with my guests. I believe food is the medium and a connection between people who want the same thing, good experience. And food is my way of talking.

Right now i run my fine dining Supper Clubs and Private Dining experience as CREM Kitchen

I look forward to bringing you globally inspired meals daily as Pink Foodie.

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